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Start Your Journey to Peak Wellness Today!

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We at Body RX want you to not only look better but feel better too. Our wellness services are engineered to treat and reverse years of harmful results of bad habits. We offer some of the best highly advanced wellness solutions in Miami for you to live a better overall quality of life.

IV Drip Treatments: One of the best ways for you to get the nutrients and vitamins your body needs! We have IV Therapy cocktails for every need and goal: from hangover recovery to weight loss and energy drips!

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IV Therapy

Are you battling chronic fatigue or stress? Do you get sick frequently?

Body RX is one top medical clinics in South Florida for IV Therapy drips, available at both of our South Florida clinics, and available at your location with Mobile IV.

Looking for a safe way to optimize or maintain your nutrient levels? Are you experiencing side effects of a hangover and need to recover?

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NAD+ IV Therapy Treatments

Do you struggle with energy, brain fog, and a lack of motivation?

NAD+ is an advanced IV Therapy treatment for helping people recover from addictions through optimizing your body’s nutrient levels.
Here at Body RX, we offer two Miami-area locations to provide you with advanced medical wellness treatments like NAD+ Treatments to help you live your best life every day.

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Cellular Rejuvenation

Are you battling chronic pain, inflammation, or slow healing after an injury or surgery?


Exosomes are very small protein molecules secreted by cells which have regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects on cells, helping the body activate its healing and regenerative functions.


This helps provide a multitide of health benefits that include skin healing and repair, regenerative benefits for chronic pain due to injuries or aging, among other benefits.

We at Body RX help you get a safe and effective Exosome Therapy by an expert Medical Doctor on staff.

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Personalized Supplements

Are you constantly feeling run-down, struggling with fatigue, or low energy?

Concerned about your immune system's ability to fend off illness and support overall health?

Tired of the one-size-fits-all approach and ready for a health solution designed specifically for you?

Ready to take control of your well-being and unlock a life of boundless energy and vitality?

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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Fill out our online form to set up your free telehealth or in-person consultation to learn which services best suit you.

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Our Medical Experts will customize your Health Plan based on your blood work to boost energy levels, balance your hormones, and reach your health goals.

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Start feeling and looking better within weeks. Experience major health improvements in every aspect of your life.

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