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Weight Loss Treatments

Transform your Life: Reach your Ideal Weight with our Personalized Weight Loss Programs
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We at Body RX specialize in wellness and health optimization. That means we help you identify and reach your health goals, letting  you live a better quality of life.

With close medical supervision under Dr. George Herrera, M.D., you'll experience the difference of our weight management services that are all highly personalized to fit your health and wellness needs.

Medical Weight Loss

Our medical weight loss treatments help fine-tune every step of the weight loss journey to meet your individual needs. We'll take into account your medical history, along with hormonal / nutritional deficiencies to help get you at your preferred weight and maintain it.

Nutritional Counseling

We help our patients that want to use the most cutting-edge and effective nutritional plans to reach their health goals. Patients that are interested in our Nutritional Counseling services are highly encouraged to undergo our Nutritional Testing services.

Body Fat Composition

Body fat and the distribution of body fat is a much more important metric than body weight, which is why we offer our patients the Body Composition Test. Using some of the most advanced medical equipment on the market, we can more accurately get an idea of where you have the most visceral body fat, how much water you're retaining, your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and more.


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Medical Weight Loss

Seeking a safe and effective way to reach and maintain your ideal weight?


Looking to lose weight but tired of risky extreme diets or obscure supplements? Are you wondering how much the cost of medical weight loss is?

Our patients lose weight safely and fast with our expert weight loss doctors at our two Miami locations. Our doctors help identify underlying medical reasons for your weight gain or inability to lose weight, and get you set up with a medical weight loss plan to reach your goals.

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Tired of battling stubborn weight that just won't budge, no matter what you try?

Burn fat quickly with our lipo-b fat burning shots available at both of our Body RX locations.

These fat burning shots contain a cocktail made up of B-Complex vitamins and minerals which help your body burn stored fat and increase energy levels.

They can be taken as needed individually, or as part of a medical weight loss program supervised by our board-certified hormone specialist, Dr. George Herrera, M.D. 

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Nutritional Counseling

Are you constantly feeling run-down, struggling with tiredness, or low energy?

We help you make sense of nutrition with easy to follow plans.

Get medical guidance on nutrition no matter what your medical needs or goals.

Live an overall healthier life with a nutritional plan made just for you

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Take Control of your Hormone Health in 3 Easy Steps

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Fill out our online form to set up your free telehealth or in-person consultation to learn which services best suit you.

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Our Medical Experts will customize your Health Plan based on your blood work to boost energy levels, balance your hormones, and reach your health goals.

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Start feeling and looking better within weeks. Experience major health improvements in every aspect of your life.

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